Formation of the Company on September 12, 1913.


Office constructed at Vineland Station.


Grist Mill built at Vineland Station.


New Administrative Office built at Vineland Station.


Chopping and Mixing Mill constructed at Vineland Station.


Purchase of the frame Oakville Basket building at Jordan Station.


At Jordan Station, the first stage of what is now the Cold Storage Plant was built. This plant was originally designed as a pre-cooling plant, and was the first of its type in the Peninsula.


Manufacturing of corrugated paper baskets began at Jordan Station and has continued sporadically since that time.


Land was acquired on the No. 20 Highway. A frame building was then erected, and the Fonthill branch was established. The first four members were Fran R. Pratten, Milton Mansfield, Elliott Traver, and Harry Jansen.

Central Pack was established at Jordan Station. This service operated until 1964. The equipment was disposed of in 1975.


For the sum of $12,500, land, warehouse and equipment was purchased at St. Davids from the St. Catharines Growers’ Co-op, thus establishing the St. Davids branch of the Vineland Growers. This branch operated until 1976 when it was closed, and the property sold in May of 1977 for $25,000.


Following renovations, a line farm and garden supplies was stocked at Jordan Station. This venture has proven successful and a wide range of supplies and hardware is now carried at both Jordan Station and Fonthill branches.


Four quart baskets were manufactured this year, having leased and installed a gluing machine. Although close to a million baskets were produced the next year, difficulties prompted The Growers to dispense with their equipment in 1972, and to purchase baskets.


A new Steel Warehouse was opened at Jordan Station, replacing he frame building which had been purchased in 1945. The former store was sold and moved from the site in 1975


A new Store and Warehouse was completed at Fonthill.


Major repairs to the Cold Storage Plant cost approximately $133,000.

Purchased 2.2 acres to the west of the Jordan Station property. This was the former Canadian Canners property, their building having burned in 1977.


Open House was held at the new office at the Jordan Station building, all administration now having relocated from Vineland Station.


A new building to store fertilizer and paper products was built at Jordan Station, and old building was taken down.

A water pumping station was installed at Jordan Station.

A Quantel Mini Computer system was purchased for the Jordan Station office.


A dock extension plus three dock levelers were installed at Jordan Station. The east end of the old cold storage loading dock was converted into a receiving room.


Facilities for basket making were again installed at Jordan Station. A folding and gluing machine was purchased for two and four litre paper baskets, also equipment for handle attachment. Pallets for the baskets were obtained, as well as six used 45’ vans for transporting baskets, and for storage. Production commenced in the fall of the year.

A new condenser was installed on the roof of the cold storage at Jordan Station, and the water cooling system was upgraded at the same time.


A new loading dock was installed at the Fonthill Branch.


Purchase of West Lincoln Orchards in Beamsville.


Start of in house marketing of all fruit, as Central Sales was dissolved.


Purchase second basket forming gluing machine to be located in Jordan Station.

Trailer lengths increased from 45’ to 48’.

VGC joined Growmark.


Design, development and production of the plastic handle for the corrugated basket.  The corrugated basket is now in a nested form, reducing storage and easier handling.

Purchase of first tray forming machine, known as a MUB. This is located in Jordan Station in the basket manufacturing area. The manufacturing area was increased to accommodate the new machine.


Purchase St. Davids Produce and the facilities in Virgil including a Wexxar tray forming machine and two basket forming machines.

Purchase of two punnet netting machines to be located in the pre-cooling room on the loading dock.


Purchase Seaway Co-op Ltd, a Wexxar tray forming machine, a punnet netting machine and a corrugated basket forming machine, as well as the property located on Lakeshore Rd at Read Rd in NOTL.

Addition of 14,000 square feet to the Virgil branch, including two new cold storages with Control Atmosphere storage, container production area with five shipping bays, fruit shipping area with three shipping bays.

Purchase of the first Boix tray forming machine in Canada, capable of forming a tray with glued in corner posts to eliminate boxes crushing.


Sold Beamsville location, consolidated operations in Jordan Station.

Head office at Jordan Station was renovated, taking in 2 levels and increasing the square footage of the 2nd level.

The old pre-cooling room on the loading dock was renovated to become the new retail store.

Destruction of the old basket plant at Jordan Station and replaced with three new cold storages and shipping receiving dock.

The original loading dock was completely enclosed.

The original cold storage was decommissioned and used for dry storage.

The truck scale at Jordan Station was removed.


Installed UPI Card lock fuel depot at Jordan Station.


VGC was honored with the Top Twenty Percent Award from GROWMARK, Inc. and again the same award in 2007.


Purchase of second Boix tray forming machine.

Repurpose of the Blue storage building in Jordan Station to a basket manufacturing and storage with 5 basket gluers in line.


Basket forming and gluing peaked at 6.1 million containers.

Mub production reached a high of more than 1.4 million containers.


VGC has 50% of fresh fruit market share of Niagara Peninsula.

Fonthill branch was sold in January.

Introduction of the plastic basket with lid.

Trial use of the RPC shipping container to Loblaw, to replace corrugated Mubs.

Vineland Growers was recognized by Growmark for Excellence in Business.


VGC working with the Vineland Research and Innovation Center introduces the new Sundown pear, exclusive to Vineland Growers Co-op.

Total gross sales of fruit and supplies was $33,846,280, with a return to members of more than $1.2 million in Fruit and Supply Volume Discounts.


Earliest blossom in history, coupled with an early frost, reduced crops.