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History Vineland Growers

This is a story of a business enterprise. It started on the 12th of September 1913, when four prominent Niagara Peninsula fruit growers met at the home of Mr. Alonzo H. Culp to discuss the formation of a co-operative fruit company.

Besides Mr. Culp, who was to become the first president of the Co-operative, there were in attendance at that meeting Mr. Ezra Honsberger, Mr. Norman P. Moyer and Mr. Melvin Honsberger... READ MORE

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Over the years we have transformed all of our traditional grape vineyards to the seedless Coronation variety. Coronation grapes are seedless dark blue berries that are sweet and juicy.
Cherries date as far back as 300 B.C. and are named after the Turkish town of Cerasus. In the Niagara Peninsula cherries have been enjoyed not only for their luscious sweet...